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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Learn How to Build a Solar Panel at Home

Learning how to build a solar panel at home starts with having a comprehensive manual, which teaches you how to choose a good solar energy system, the component required and the installing method.

A comprehensive manual is a manual that is written from a unique perspective that is well balanced of both practical and theory and can be capable of teaching you how to build one from pictorial and diagrammatic examples.

The accurate knowledge of the components required for building solar panels and the place to buy them at a cheaper rate is the first step to building one.

The components required are:

1. Solar panels
2. Inverter
3. Charge controller
4. Net metering
5. Circuit breaker

Having a good idea of these component mentioned above and their cost save you from paying much to the hands of experts who capitalizes on peoples ignorant.

The most important question begging for an answer is how one can installs these components for an effective performance.

You can install the panels in two ways, it could be self-installed or commercial installed. Self-installed means that you will follow a laid down instructions either pictorial or diagrammatic to do it yourself, an analytical method of installing it your self is shown below.

The arrangement of the inverter, solar panel in series with the sun energy and your home makes it possible for the panel to trap most of the rays from the sun and easily convert it to DC current without much energy loss in the process.

Commercial built method involves the engaging of the services of the experts who has much experience in building one. However, it is very expensive to make one using this method but with proper market research and collecting several quotes from the experts you can settle for a good deal. There are many advantages in using the services of experts, such as getting government rebate, a minimum of 20 years warranty and short time of installation.

In summary, building a solar panel at home is a wise decision of cutting cost and saving the environment from further degradation. You can achieve this by buying a recommended manual, which really has helped many in building a cheap DIY solar panel at home.

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