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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Future of Solar Energy

Study is shedding new light on an unexpected source of power for heating houses and generating electricity-the sun.

The sun-directly or indirectly-is the primary source for many forms of power found on Earth. Solar power is clean, abundant and renewable.

Even though we think of solar energy as a brand new discovery, ancient civilizations found innovative approaches to utilize solar energy. Amongst them, the Greeks, Romans and Chinese all developed methods to utilize solar warmth for their homes, which includes working with southern exposures to maximize solar heating and creating use of solar lighting.

Now, thanks to innovative technologies, it's attainable to capture this energy, concentrate it, retailer it and convert it into electrical energy.

Sunlight is converted into electricity working with solar cells. Solar cells are also named photovoltaic cells, or "PV cells" for short. PV cells were first created within the 1950s for use in American space satellites. Nowadays, they may be employed for energy needs ranging from telecommunications to rural electrification. PV cells is usually identified on items we use every day, for instance calculators, flashlights, radios, landscape lighting and children's toys.

Portable solar photovoltaic units are also available for emergency and disaster use, like keeping cell phones and small appliances charged when the user is away from the grid or during blackouts.

Consumers can harness the power in the sun for themselves much more simply than ever. Solar panels you see on buildings and homes have been readily available in the marketplace for decades. New systems-which incorporate solar into roofing shingles-are now aesthetically pleasing, efficient and durable.

2006 ushers in new tax credits for solar energy technologies and buyers might also be eligible for state rebates.

Sunlight is not only employed to generate electricity. It's also utilized to heat water, which can be used to warm houses and businesses. Solar-powered radiant heating systems run some industrial processes and drive turbines to produce electrical energy. Lots of solar thermal technologies have been employed in homes for decades and may last more than 20 years.

Specialists believe that solar power technologies can benefit this nation in several strategies. They've the possible to assist diversify this country's power provide, decrease the dependence on imported fuels, boost air quality, offset greenhouse gas emissions and stimulate the economy by helping to make jobs in the manufacturing and installation of solar panel systems.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

New Solar Technology - Solar Panel Systems

Solar panel systems have often been criticized as bulky and unattractive. New solar technology is starting to make such criticisms a thing of the past.

Solar Advancement

While everyone agrees solar power is usually a clean, cost-effective alternative energy source, there has always been one issue. The solar panel systems tended to become huge and rather bulky. Frankly, they don't add for the beauty of a house. Although solar panel designs have improved more than the years, a brand new development involving shingles is finding a great deal of attention.

Photovoltaic shingles are a significant design breakthrough for all those who have a distaste for big solar panel systems. These shingles are, nicely, shingles. The replace the shingles on a roof, but have the physical appearance of a standard roof. Despite the fact that they are black, they don't standout from the roof inside the manner of panels. Instead, the they merely look like a normal roof and several individuals cannot tell the difference. Clearly, this seamless design is significantly greater than the bulky designs of panel systems.

The technological breakthrough that makes this new technology doable would be the invention of thin film solar photovoltaic cells. Known as amorphous silicon thin alloy technology, the designers essentially stepped back from traditional solar panel styles and did some thinking. What they realized is the supplies utilized in panels had been not the only ones that may very well be used. With out receiving overly technical, the design team came up with a remedy exactly where far more effective cells might be built on a steel substrate. Every super thin cell was tailored to capture different spectrum with the sunlight. When layered on top of each other, they became really effective when used to generate electricity.

The ultimate result is really a system that may sit directly on the roof of a house or developing, is more efficient than typical solar panels and much more appealing from a visual perspective. If you're excuse for not making use of solar in the past was the bulky system, you should rethink solar.

Will this new technology turn into the breakthrough we have been waiting for in solar power? It already is in case you consider just the following:
  1. The United States Army is building a solar powered community making use of it.
  2. Museums in Beijing, China are converting to it.
  3. Habitat for Humanity is employing the technique on many in the properties it builds.
  4. Lockheed Martin is experimenting with the technologies as a power source for high altitude flights.
In the opinion of a lot of professionals, this new technology represent a significant breakthrough in solar energy. With power costs exploding, solar represents the most beneficial solution to decreasing our dependence on limited oil and natural gas resources. Thankfully, the sun shall be delivering cost-free power for the foreseeable future.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

How To Make a Solar Panel

For All Who Are Interested To Learn How To Make a Solar Panel And Save Electricity In Your Home...

"How to make a solar panel?" If you are thinking of installing a solar panel into your home, you'll need to learn some basics on how exactly does a solar panel works. That way, the entire procedure will be easier to handle.

The process begins with solar modules. They are the main components being exposed directly to the sunlight. Their main objective is to convert the sun's energy into usable electrical power for your appliances. To get them correctly installed, solar modules are to be mounted on a steel frame and placed onto your rooftops.

Power being produced by the solar modules is converted from Direct Current (DC) to Alternative Current (AC) via the power converter. Generally, Alternating Current (AC) is the usable electrical power that we require to power our home appliances.

Next, the electrical power travels from the power converter to the electrical service panel. The electrical service panel is the one responsible for allocating the electrical power to various parts of your house or office for use.

The excess amount of electrical power being generated by home solar power systems will then be brought into the grid through the utility electric meter. Consequently, the meter will be made to move backwards and this establishes a credit with the utility company in offsetting future usage. This process is known as Net Metering and is mandated by State Level Electricity Policy.

This is the common source of power supply where many households acquire their electrical power from. It is also known as the state infrastructure that connects houses and commercial facilities to electricity generating assets.

Things You Need To Know When You Make Your Very Own Solar Panel...

Learning how to build a solar panel isn't really a difficult task. You don't require much skills beyond being able to handle basic tools, handle wiring with care and safety measures.

The components that you will need when you are building your solar panel includes:

1. Solar Cells

Solar cells are the main components that actually turn the sun's energy into usable electricity. The best place to purchase these is online, from websites such as eBay. Buy in bulk so that you will have enough to build solar panels again in the future.

2. Sheet Plywood

This will form the base of your system. To make a solar panel correctly you will need the strongest grade you can find. Do not use chipboard for this as it is way too flimsy. It is worth investing extra in the quality of the materials in order to get a better, more durable end product.

3. Copper Wire

The Copper wire is used to wire up the system and allow the electricity to flow into your home. Purchase this in bulk.

4. General Tools

Drills, screwdrivers, woodwork glue etc are all necessary. You probably already have these accessories around your home.

5. Clear PVC Sheeting

Solar cells are fairly delicate, that's why you need to use PVC sheeting to provide protection when the weather turns nasty. Check your local business directory for suppliers who can help you cut your preferred size for you.

The most difficult part when you learn how to make a solar panel is actually the assembling process, and then installing it onto your house. To get this done correctly, you'll require a set of instructions that will show you the precise measurements you need to use. They will also provide you with proper assembly and installation diagrams that cannot be found anywhere else. It is well worth paying for the diagrams and clear explanations that you will receive, as without a set of solar panel instructions, you risk jeopardizing your entire construction and installation project.

Summary of Necessary Materials Needed

These are the necessary materials that are not difficult to find:
  • A sheet of Plywood
  • Electrical wiring
  • Sheets of glass
  • Photovoltaic cells
  • Clear PVC Sheeting
  • Copper Wire
  • General Tools (Drills, screwdrivers, woodwork glue)
Any hardware store should stock most of these items. Photovoltaic cells are the only thing that you might have to search online and it can be found easily on eBay. In other words, you can purchase them on eBay or locate a specialty store that stocks them.

One of the best things about solar energy is that it is very expandable. You can put in a few panels now, monitor their performance, and then add on to the system as your needs and budget allows. It is generally better to start out knowing you are going to expand later, so that you can plan your space and equipment usage better.

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