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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Zero Point Energy Generator

Zero point energy is known to be the lowest possible energy level a system can have. It is the ground state or the natural state of all matters. In a perfect recovery system the energy above this zero-point level is returned to do useful work either within the system or for use in another system.

The simplest recovery systems extract energy from a system in the form of heat by raising the temperature of coolant water or other energy storage medium and then redirecting that heat for other use. More complex systems extract gasses and other combustible effluent and either use these gasses as fuel or combine them with other fuels to make a more efficient energy source. An example of this can be seen in today's high-tech smoke stack scrubbers that recycle combustible gasses back into the energy furnace.
Atomic energy is one example of this zero point energy theory however many believed that atomic energy is only the beginning of this technology. We have all heard of the claims of cold fusion and the relatively new science of magneto hydrodynamics where magnetically charged fluids are being used to create a type of magnetic jet engine.

Many work has been done on reaching electric magnetic generator that uses motors which incorporate extremely strong permanent magnets to increase the efficiency of an electric motor to a point seemingly beyond unity, where the energy output appears greater than the energy input. These theories and claims seem to defy the laws of physics and many scientists are skeptical about these claims. There are some who claim that these new technologies are being suppressed by science and economic consortium that fears this technology will change the economic and scientific balance of power.

A lot of such new technologies could someday become reality and replace our dependence on fossil fuels but long before any of that can happen we need to develop ways to conserve and recover the energy we currently use.

Generally, a zero point energy generator has the ability to generate an unlimited amount of free electrical energy that will run infinitely and power your home forever. Zero point device doesn't require any assistance from other renewable or non renewable energy sources to generate electricity. You will also save a lot of money instead of paying your utility company, which is probably the best benefit of all.

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