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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nikola Tesla Fuelless Generator

The Nikola Tesla Fuelless Generator can very easily be said to be one of the best in the market. This is because aside from the fact that you get to save money, this energy is renewable and safe.

In the production of energy, the process is continuous therefore making the generator very reliable. There is no catch to this. You will be able to use all the energy that you may want but at the same time you will save the environment. No one wants to go to bed and be haunted with the way they have polluted the environment. This is the best way for you to go to bed and be at peace.

Just how much energy can you harness from the generator?

It is said that people can get as much energy as they want from the Nikola Tesla Fuelless Generator especially when it comes to supporting the household. This is because this energy is renewable and is in constant circulation. For this reason people have managed to produce as much as 4.5 Mega watts for their own use and have even ended up with some excess energy. One attractive fact about producing energy in excess is that you will get paid for it by the government. If you are looking for the best way to save money, getting this generator could just be the answer for you.

How Much Will The Nikola Tesla Fuelless Generator Cost You In Terms Of Money, Space And Time?

This generator has been engineered in such a way as to save you money because, not only will you escape the nightmare of bills but it will cost you very little to set it up. It will save the user thousands of dollars in paying bills yet it only costs about $100 to construct. All the necessary parts can be put together in less than one hour and this saves time. Once complete, the generator will take such little space which means it will not interfere with home arrangements. The size also makes it convenient to carry it around for instance when you go camping.

Find out more about the Tesla Generator and how to generate electricity for free!

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tesla Fuelless Generator Plans

If you have been trying to cut expenses and have been frustrated by the prices set from the utility companies, you might want to consider the Tesla Fuelless Generator. This device has been a government kept secret for nearly a century, but is now being released to anyone who can follow directions and put together a few simple and readily available parts from the local hardware or electronics outlet. Even those with limited technological abilities can learn how to build a Tesla generator in a couple hours.

Using the instructions found in the Tesla secret book is particularly useful with today's economic climate. Attempting to reduce utility costs and to reduce dependence on oil reserves is important to protect the environment. Prices for usage of energy processed through the utility companies continues to climb. Fuel prices are rapidly increasing, setting new record highs time after time. If you are attempting to cut your monthly expenses, lowering utility costs is a welcome goal.

The benefits of alternative energy sources have been preached for a long time, but few people have the cash available to install and maintain a solar or wind power system that is large enough to a provide significant portion of the energy usage typical of the average household. Retrofitting houses to use less energy is a smart move, but still accounts for only a portion of the average bill from the utility company.

Back up power is needed during the night or when the wind isn't blowing. With alternative solar power, you might need to install a bank of batteries. You could also use a diesel powered generator.

The Tesla Fuelless Generator is not capital intensive. The parts can be purchased locally at an electronics outlet. The instructions that are available in the Tesla installation guide are simple to follow, so that even a non-technology-minded can put together the device in a few hours. The generator can be used day and night, so you don't need a bank of expensive batteries. It works when there is cloud cover or even rain.

The Tesla generator is a green product. Since there are no fumes, toxic emissions or radiation, it is safe to use. There is no smell attached to its operation as would be the case when oil products are used. In short, the generator is an environmentally favorable product.

You can order and receive the plans for the Tesla Fuelless Generator quickly, since it is distributed through a download. You can have your instructions in just a few minutes and be on your way to utility bill reduction up to one hundred percent quickly. Power generation is free and easy to claim. The capital outlay is minimal and is quickly recovered through energy cost savings.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Uses Of Magnetic Power Generator

With the increasing cost of living and electricity bills, many homeowners are starting to look for alternative energy sources that would help them save precious money without affecting the environment adversely. Solar and wind energy may have caught the attention of homeowners for some time, but their high set-up costs and certain limitations have forced people to look elsewhere. It is here that a magnetic power generator can offer a viable solution.

How a magnetic power generator works?

There are three magnets within the engine. Two are placed to oppose one another, which produces a magnetic field, while the third magnet is placed strategically to maintain a balance in the magnetic field thus created. In this way, the power of magnets is used to induce a balanced magnetic field, which in turn will generate electricity.

What makes it so cost-effective?

To generate electrical power for your personal needs, you will simply need to buy the magnets and other accessories, which are easily available in quality hardware stores and shopping malls at pocket friendly prices. What's more, you can start enjoying the benefits right away, unlike wind or solar energy set-ups that would make you wait for 10-15 years before the installation cost is set off and you can earn profit with the electricity generated by your device.

If you want to decrease your monthly power bills reasonably and earn benefits right from the start, selecting a magnetic power generator is the most ideal option.

Benefits of a Magnetic Power Generator

Apart from being affordable (thanks to low installation and assembling cost), this engine also uses an environmental friendly technique. Since the generator runs inaudibly, you even don't need to get worried about noise pollution, unlike many wind generators that create a lot of noise and disturb the calm in the surrounding area.

This engine can work round the clock, unlike solar or wind power that depend on the availability of adequate sunlight and wind energy respectively. A magnetic power generator also lasts longer and can go on to generate free electricity for around a hundred years without requiring you to pay any extra maintenance charges.

So, if you want to harness the power of magnets to generate an unlimited amount of energy day after day, it's time to say hello to a magnetic power generator. By offering you a safe and reliable way to generate pollution free energy, it can help you play your part in saving the environment and slash your power bills by more than a few notches. Act now to get your own magnetic power generator today.

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