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Monday, November 29, 2010

Solar Inverters For Solar Power

At present, solar energy is the most popular form of alternative energy on the globe, for both residential and commercial uses. These systems are increasingly more efficient, allowing them to be ever more adaptable and common. However, while most people are familiar with the most visible feature of these systems, solar panels, few people realize that solar inverters are what make these systems functional.

Solar panels are an essential part of photovoltaic systems, as they are the means by which sunlight is converted to electricity. The problem is that the electricity they create is of a DC (direct current) nature, while most electrical appliances and home components require the use of AC, or alternating current. This is where the inverters come into play.

The primary purpose of solar inverters is to change the direct current coming from the solar panels into alternating current before it is consumed by a home's electrical system. They are essentially the bridge between two separate power systems and allow the two different systems to work together. This being the case, it is highly recommended that one purchase the highest quality inverter that they can afford, as an inferior inverter can often fail and the worst possible time. If you're unsure as to which inverter is the best option for your needs, consulting with a solar power professional is often the best way to go. Many local photovoltaic suppliers will have experts available to answer any questions one might have.

For those that have no experience in solar energy production, it is often best to purchase a "complete" system rather than the individual components. Most manufacturers will offer complete systems that include all of the parts needed, including the inverter. These systems are the easiest way to get started, and can often be installed in a matter of hours or days, depending on the system. If, however, you are familiar with electricity and understand what you need, it is possible to piece together and build your own system from individual components. Building solar panels this way allows one to customize and upgrade whenever the need should arise.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Photovoltaic Solar Systems

At present, there is a new type of Solar array or photoelectric solar cells known as Photovoltaics or simply PV. This solar cell is made up of Silicons in crystalline form with little cadmium telluride and little copper indium sulfide or copper indium selenide. These solar arrays work on the principle of Einstein's photoelectric effect which won him the Nobel Prize. When Sun light falls on these PV solar systems, the device convents the heat energy into electrical energy and thus produces electricity. Semiconductors are used for manufacturing of the photovoltaic systems. This is because Semiconductors have most number of valance electrons. The process by which these semiconductors are made is known as Czochralski process. These semiconductors are produced using silicon. The amount of electrical energy produced is directly proportional to the number of solar cells used.

The human race should fall back to using the renewable source of power because all the fuels through which we are generating power are all going to run out in another hundred years from now on. So for power generation renewable energy sources are the only one which can provide us a long term solution. The PV solar systems are one of the renewable energy sources which uses sun as its energy source. The main advantage of this PV solar system is that you can build it yourself. It will be a funny experience as well as exciting experience building the PV solar system ourselves. This kit costs around less that Dollar two hundred; you can also get the manuals from eBay website. You can cut down the cost if you can buy few things yourself from the local hardware stores.

Based on your need you can decide the number of solar cells to be used in the PV solar systems. For building a small mobile phone charger one solar cell will be good enough. You can also add a battery to the design which will store the electrical energy for later use. This PV solar system with the battery gives you more stability because it provides you provision to store the power and provides you a constant output voltage. However, a design without batteries will have fluctuations in its output voltage.

More the solar cells more the generation capacity of your PV solar system. To maximize the power generation you need to maintain the angle at which the sun rays falls on the solar panel at ninety degrees. This can be archived by having a motor attached to the panels which can tilt the move it according to the position of the sun and maintain a ninety degrees angle between the panel and the sun rays. This will in turn increase the efficiency of the power generation in the PV solar systems. There are motors available in the market which can turn up to 320 degrees. You can also use reflectors in a large number to focus on one particular solar cell which will also help you increase the power production coefficient.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Benefits of Alternative Energy Sources

By installing home solar power systems or home wind turbines, you are able to take full advantage of many benefits that alternative energy sources have to offer. Benefits such as achieve tax incentives, cut down your electricity bills and even protecting our environment.

home solar power systems can bring you attractive tax incentives, do find out from your area for more information regarding tax incentives. There should be a rebate offered by the governments to encourage the installation of solar power systems in homes. This has been popularly practiced by several construction companies as well. The building of solar panel systems may require some time to complete but then you can reap all of the benefits. You can enjoy the wealth of using all of the electricity you want as it isn't depleting any resource.

There are also many benefits of home wind turbines that we can take into consideration. Not only can you save money on electricity, you can also power other devices in your homes at the same time with your very own generated electricity.

The invention of home wind turbines and solar panel systems are made to be environmental friendly. With the existence of harmful greenhouse gases in our environment today, it is recommended to acquire one of the greenhouse kits to reduce the amount of pollutants you and your family contribute to the environment.

A greenhouse kit can be considered as a long term beneficial investment. With this, the existence of greenhouse gases can be eliminated and allowing a better environment with fresher air to breath in.

At present, saving money has been the main priority in many households due to economic depression. Let us explore ways for you to ease the tension and save more money for the rainy days. If you are interested in saving money, one of the most effective ways to save money is using alternative energy sources to generate electricity.

Saving money on electricity can be proficient in a variety of ways. We recommend using either wind power or solar power to create it. It is advisable to choose wind power generators for open areas where large amount of wind can be collected. Home solar power systems and solar hot water heaters are also affordable way of saving electricity and they are advised to be mounted on rooftops of houses or commercial facilities. Otherwise, it can be also ground mounted in gardens or on a piece of land near the main area. These recommended strategies to save money have proven to work and have benefited many people in the world today.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Build a Green Home With Magnetic Generators

Magnetic generators are one of the hottest topics when it comes to alternative energy sources. This is because many individuals want to cut back on energy costs and become more energy efficient.

Some people don't want to commit to putting together a magnetic power generator because they believe it would be difficult to put together one themselves. However, a magnetic generator is actually easier to put together than a solar panel system or wind turbine.

As long as you make sure you have the proper plans you should have no issue putting together your energy efficient generator. Although these generators are easy to put together, this isn't the only reason why they're so popular.

One of the biggest reasons many homeowners are attracted to magnetic motors is because they can work in any weather condition. That's right, you don't need any sunlight or wind to begin producing energy for your home. This is a big advantage it has over other alternative energy producing devices.

Since no outside energy is necessary to power these generators, they power themselves multiplying the usable energy it produces for your household. Of course, you don't need all this extra energy, which means it will be generating more energy than your household requires.

With all that extra energy you can start selling some of it back to your power company. These are just a small portion of the many reasons why people are so attracted to magnetic motors.

If you want to put together your own magnetic generator you should take advantage of a DIY plan designed for this purpose. By using the proper DIY plans you can be certain you're putting together your magnetic energy efficient generator properly.

It is important for you to know that these magnetic generators take advantage of magnets to create perpetual motion. What this means is that you will have the benefit of using never ending motion to generate energy.

So your magnetic generator will be making energy for your home without taking a break. It is because of this perpetual motion why this type of generator has the ability to produce energy for a very long time without stopping.

This is another reason why people are very attracted to magnetic generators. Some people have a hard time believing in these generators, but once they set up their system their skepticism disappears.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

FAQ On How To Build a Home Solar Power System

Home solar power systems can be very expensive. Just one solar panel can cost more than $1,000. On the other hand, if you don't give solar power a try, you'll be stuck with rising electric costs. However, there's a simple solution: you can learn how to build home solar power systems yourself. You can build solar panels and install them as part of a system. It's not that difficult. Even if you don't have a lot of experience with building things, you can still learn how to put a home solar power system together, just as long as you have the right set of instructions!

Here are some frequently asked questions on how to build a solar panel.

What components are needed?

The primary components of a solar power system include the solar panels, battery, charge controller, and inverter. The panels charge the battery, the charge controller manages the charge, the battery provides DC power to the inverter, and the inverter converts the Direct Current voltage to Alternate Current voltage.

What materials and tools are needed?
  • Wire cutters
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire crimping tool
  • Drill bit
  • Reamer
  • Plastic sheet cutter
  • Hacksaw
  • Pliers
The DIY guide you choose should provide you with a more detailed list. These will give you a general idea of what is required for this project. Obviously, most of what you need are tools that you probably already have. If you don't, you can easily obtain them at any hardware store.

What is the importance of a charge controller?

The charge controller monitors the battery to ensure that it receives the charge it needs when it needs it. An overcharged battery is just as problematic as an undercharged battery. The amount at which a charge controller is rated depends on the amperage it can process. For example, if a charger is rated at 30 amps, it means you can connect it with 30 amps of output current.

What is the importance of the inverter?

Standard VAC electricity is required to power residencies. Solar panels generate DC current, which is stored in the battery. In order to power lighting and appliances, an inverter is needed to convert the DC current to VAC electricity. There are two types of outputs: regular sine wave and modified. Most appliances can use sine waves, although some, such as fans and amplifiers, do better with modified sine waves.

Where should you install your home solar power system?

The ideal location for a well-designed system is a clear and unobstructed. Most homeowners put their DIY solar panels on their roofs, facing south. Even if you have a flat roof, you can still install the solar panels on a tilted mount. If the roof won't do, you can place the panels on top of a building or deck. Only place the system on the ground if there are no obstructions blocking the sunlight. There are "tracking" mounts available that will automatically follow the sun's position.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Learn How To Build a Tesla Fuelless Generator

The Tesla fuelless generator is an energy invention that generates electricity. Tesla discovered this particular cutting edge technology in the 1930's, but today there are several types of home generators that produce energy from alternative energy sources.

Nikola Tesla is perhaps one of the most unrecognized geniuses when you consider his many fundamental achievements. He was a physicist, inventor and electrical engineer of unusual intellectual brilliance.

Tesla was of Serb descent but he worked mostly in the United States and all too often others have taken credit for his work. Even though this was the case he is still renowned as the man who invented the twentieth century.

Just a few of his many contributions to the world that we live in today are the electric motor, AC power generation and distribution, neon and lasers, spark plugs, X-rays and Tesla coils.

Tesla spent the second half of his career working on what he called his "Fuelless Generator". He used to explain it a being a device that uses "the energy that operates the universe". At the time his explanation probably sounded somewhat far-fetched but now a days we are all fairly familiar with the term "zero point energy".

The Tesla generator is a remarkable invention in that, not only is it reasonably inexpensive to build, also only very basic skills are needed in order to construct one. It runs silently, is completely weather proof and can be used in any climate. So unlike solar panels or wind power, it is not dependent upon the weather or climate conditions. This particular generator does not give off any emissions, fumes of any kind, or radiations.

You may also be interested to find out more on learning how to build a Tesla generator.

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