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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ground Mounting For Your DIY Solar Panel

If you want to mount your solar array on the ground, you will need a frame to mount your DIY solar panel on to. Most solar panel suppliers can supply suitable frames or you can fabricate your own on site.

There are benefits for a ground-mounted solar array: you can easily keep the array itself clean and you can use a frame to change the angle of the array at difference times of year to more closely track the height of the sun in the sky.

Take a note of ground conditions, in case you need to build foundations for your frame.

Incidentally, you can buy ground mounted solar frames that can also move the panel to rack the sun across the sky during the day. These ‘solar trackers’ can increase the volume of sunlight captured by around 15-20% in winter and up to 55% in summer.

Unfortunately, at present, commercial solar trackers are expensive. You would be better to spend your money on a bigger array which has a better return on investment.

However, for a keen DIY engineer who likes the idea of a challenge, a solar tracker that moves the array to face the sun as it moves across the sky during the day could be a useful and interesting project to do. There are various sites on the internet where keen DIYers have built their own solar trackers and provided instructions on how to make them. Learn how to build a solar panel today!

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