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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Solar Power Systems For Residential Uses

Home solar power systems have grown in popularity during the present economic crisis. In search of applications that can save them money years down the line, homeowners have been researching the various types of solar panels for residential homes and pricing how much overall they can expect to save in fossil fuel production. With a variety of different solar power systems designed for properties in a range of sizes, the budget-conscious and Earth conscious consumer can collect and convert free energy to generate their own natural energy for several different purposes and applications.

Solar-Powered Electricity with Panels

The most common form of solar power for residential homes is offered by using photovoltaic panels to generate and store power for both daytime and nighttime use. While these panels have existed for over a decade, with advances in technology these solar power electricity systems have become far more efficient and easy to use. With newer kits hitting the market that advertise easy, do-it-yourself installation at an affordable price, sales of solar panels have skyrocketed within the recent years. Typically founded mounted to the top of residential roofs, the panels will produce a current known as a DC current. Once this current is produced, an inverter will convert it to an AC current, which is useful to power home electronics and electrical devices.

One benefit of these solar power systems as far as monthly cost of use is concerned, is if your solar panels generate more current than you use during daytime hours, excess power will travel back to utility lines where they can be used at night or credited to offset costs accrued during evening hours when no sun is present. With new and innovative systems, homeowners can reasonably supply all of the power they need with one initial investment.

Solar Water Heating Systems

A solar hot water heater is another popular solar power application used in residences. Rather than heating your water with electricity or gas, the water is actually kept consistently warm in your home with sunlight. A solar collector will be place on the roof of your home and water passing through the collector will be heated. With webbing connected to the home's water lines, water will be exposed to the sun and heated quickly and returned back to the home. Very inexpensive to purchase and install, these solar water heaters can be used for both inside the home and outside the home.

While these are just two types of solar power applications for residential properties, they are two systems that will cut down your use of electricity significantly. Take a proactive step to going green and rely on a free power source rather than one that costs in abundance. By researching the systems and programs available, you can receive tax deductions and rebate credits with a qualified update to your home.

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