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Friday, October 15, 2010

Facts On Using Home Solar Power Systems

Home solar power systems have been the topic of many discussions as a replacement for providing electrical power to homes. The first photovoltaic effect was discovered in 1839, but the first solar cell was not built until 1883. The first serious need for developing this industry began with the research being done for space exploration.

Silicon and other substrates, the materials that made solar panels, are what moved computer technology from the old tube-type transistors into the modern age of micro-circuitry. Technology continues to improve the possibilities of replacing global warming power plants with this clean energy harnessed from the sun.

The 1839 photovoltaic discovery produced an efficiency rating of only 1%. Since then, new materials and concepts in design are achieving as high as 97% wattage outputs. With these kind of results, there will soon be materials which can absorb sunlight from any angle, and solar power just became a reality for powering the world.

For many years, now, homeowners have been solar power to light their walk ways. With the development of motion detection, a slightly larger solar panel has been powering outdoor security lights. Outdoor enthusiasts are using these panels to completely power their RVs, and people with portable computers are using dashboard panels to power and recharge their laptops.

Farmers and ranchers are making use of solar power in remote areas where water for livestock is needed, but conventional power is too expensive. A few solar cells can be installed to power well pumps and living quarters for ranch hands.

With the cost of real estate going up each year, more people are buying property in regions where power lines are not a possibility. This makes it a very affordable source of powering their homes, while allowing them the benefits of enjoying the 'green-house' trend.

Governments around the world are putting more funds into the research, development and installation of solar cells. There are numerous solar farms in place which are powering small cities, and solar grids that are being utilized to power rural areas where it is cost prohibitive to run conventional electric power.

Currently, a large number of people are purchasing home solar power systems as back up power for their homes. And, many homeowners are taking advantage of this technology by implementing the use of solar to power much, if not all, of their home energy needs. With the solar photovoltaic industry making great strides in improving the wattage output of solar panels, it is possible to expect even more solar power installations.

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