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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Build Your Own DIY Solar Panels

Due to the rising costs of energy and increasing threats of global warming, people are encouraged to go green with home solar power systems. The process is simple. It involves solar photovoltaic panels that will definitely absorb the sun rays. When the energy is sufficient, it will be converted to renewable energy using the generators. Comparing the prices of energy from burning fossil fuels and energy that comes from solar panels is just like comparing apples and oranges. On the first place, solar energy is free to use and at the same time environment friendly.

Speaking of the benefits, solar panels can be easily maintained. You don't need to spend time since they're mostly made of glass. Another thing is that you can save energy consumption by 80%. Yes, it's true. And if you continue one investing to home solar power systems, you can earn money out of free energy. I tell you, this is a lifetime investment. You only need to finance at first then you will gain the benefits for long. In United States as well as United Kingdom, almost 1/8 of the people are using solar panels. By next year, it is expected that solar panel users will increase since the system was made accessible for anyone.

You have two options actually. It's either to buy readily available panels of build your own. On the first glance, you might choose the first one because it's easier. But when you saw the price, you may back off like a cat seeing a huge track. The price is absolutely HIGH. Besides, there's no guarantee it will fit on your home requirements. On the other hand, DIY solar panels are cheaper options. With the presence of installation guides on the internet, you can easily build your own solar panels and generate free electricity.

The installation guide costs around $50 which includes free video and audio tutorials. These help a lot especially for those who are not born with crafty minds. The panels can be easily installed using simple tools such as pliers, screws and other simple machines. The materials are not included though. But you need not to worry because there are installation guides that help home owners located cheap yet durable materials.

Solar panel is no doubt the remaining home in the modern day. With the presence of DIY installation guide, you don't need to pay bigger. For the upcoming years to come, solar energy will remain on its position as it is today. It might be practical to invest now while the materials are still cheap.

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