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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Learning How To Build a Magnetic Power Generator

In case you are unaware, over unity in a magnetic power generator just means that you get more power out of the motor than the power it takes to run the motor. What most people forget and don't take into consideration is that magnets have built in power and force, the magnetic force itself. If you've ever tried putting together two magnets with the same poles facing each other, you know that they oppose each other. The stronger the magnet, the more vehemently they will oppose each other. This is "energy" built into the magnet itself.

This is the magnetic force that is harnessed in a magnetic generator. If the magnets are exactly the right shape and size and the alignment of the magnets is just where it needs to be, you end up with a perpetual motion machine.

These opposing forces will automatically spin the motor around the copper coils, and that is how electricity is made and harnessed for use in your home. It really is no different than an alternator on your car other than the fact that your car engine is the force required to turn the alternator pulley that creates the electricity that charges your battery and runs your accessories.

The following are the steps that you will be needing to do to try to get this amazing generator to work.
Follow these instructions:

First step: Set your inner wheel on its titling axis. You will need to make sure that your wheel is a non-conductive material that will be able to spin freely.

The second step: You will now attach your ceramic bar magnets evenly around your rim of the wheel that you have chosen. You will need to make sure that all of the magnets are facing out wards so it has the same polarity.

The third step is to: You will need to place your fixed outer ring around your inner ring. Then make sure that your ring is also a non-conductive material as you are building yourself a magnetic power generator.

Fourth step: You will want to make sure you have lined the fixed, outer ring and the magnets that are facing in on the magnetic power generator.

Your fifth step being: Try to make your inner ring spin on your magnetic power generator that you have now built. Once the inner wheel would reach the utmost portion of the revolution, your magnets that are on the outer right should be making the ring to continuously spin on its own but this is only until the next magnet get that are the opposing magnets that are facing each other again.

The final step being: You will now want to allow your inner ring of your magnetic power generator be able to spin finally the speed has increased and energy has now been generated with your very own magnetic electric generators.

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