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Thursday, June 3, 2010

DIY Solar Panel - Learning How To Build a Solar Panel

Learning how to build a solar panel to power your home is now easier than ever. If you are tired of your high power bills, DIY solar panel is truly the ideal option for homeowners to harness the power of the sun.

Solar energy is no longer the domain of the wealthy. Anybody and everybody should do their part to clean up the environment. This starts with implementing energy efficiency measures such as weatherization. If you do your part to cut down on energy usage, we will not have to produce as much energy. It ends with implementing your own renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. DIY solar makes it incredibly easy to get a system up and running in as little as a single weekend.

There are a few things to consider when implementing a home solar panels:

1. Quality Instructions - Do you have a reliable set of instructions and more importantly support in case you run into problems with building your solar panel system? There are many sites that claim to have the information necessary to build a solar system but very few that actually deliver on that promise. Make sure that the system has been done before and consult people who have assembled their own systems.

2. Materials - In order to build your own solar panel you will need; high grade solar cells, tabbing wire, and a flux pen. You will need to build an enclosure to protect your solar panel as solar cells are extremely fragile and can break with the first bout of extreme weather if you do not have a sturdy enclosure. The cell quality varies depending on the grade. You can get by with low grade solar cells if they can be connected effectively using the tabbing wire, but make sure they are also high efficiency. Highly efficient cells convert sunlight to electricity at a high rate. The efficiency of solar cells ranges from about 15% to 25%. This number will undoubtedly go up as the market for solar contracts and more R&D money is put into solar technology.

3. Energy Storage - Depending on your purpose for building your panel, you may decide to purchase a battery. Make sure that you have enough capacity to power your appliances. Your appliances will be what determine how much battery capacity is required. If you are building a system to move completely off of your electrical grid at home, you will need more solar panel power. You will also have to decide whether you are going to connect the electricity back to the grid. To do that, you will need to consult your utility.

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