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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why Choose a Solar Power System?

There are a number of reasons why you may wish to consider installing home solar power systems:

Where there is no other source of electrical power available, or where the cost of installing mains electrical power is too high.
  • Where other sources of electrical power are not reliable – i.e. when power cuts are an issue and a solar system can act as a cost effective contingency,
  • When a solar power system is the most convenient and safest option – installing low voltage solar lighting in a garden, for instance.
  • You can become entirely self sufficient with your own electrical power.
  • Once installed, solar power provides virtually free power without damaging the environment.
Calculating the true cost of installing a solar power system depends on various factors:
  • The power of the sun at your location at different times of the year
  • How much energy you need to generate
  • How good your site is for capturing sunlight.
Compared to other power sources, solar power systems typically have a comparatively high capital cost, but a low ongoing maintenance cost.

To create a comparison with alternative power sources, you will often need to calculate a payback of costs over a period of a few years in order to justify the cost of a solar electric system.

On all but the most simplest of installations, you will need to carry out a survey on your site and carry out some of the design work before you can ascertain the total cost of installing photovoltaic systems. Don’t panic – this isn’t as frightening as it sounds. It isn’t difficult and it is covered in detail in later chapters.

We can then use this figure to put together a cost justification on your project that can then be compared to the alternatives. Learn how to build a solar panel today!

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