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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Living Off The Grid With Stand Alone Solar Power System

Worldwide, stand alone solar installations are the most popular.

Whether it is powering a shed light, providing power for a pocket calculator, or powering a complete home, stand alone home solar power systems fundamentally all work in the same way – power is generated by solar, stored in a battery and then used as required.

Almost everyone can benefit from a standalone solar power system for something – even if it is something as mundane as providing an outside light somewhere. Even if you are planning on something much bigger and grander, it is often a good idea to start with a very small and simple stand alone solar power system first and then progress from there. Learn how to build your very own DIY solar panels today!

Grid tie

Grid tie is gaining popularity – particularly in Europe and the United States – thanks to the availability of grants to reduce the installation costs, and the ability to earn money by selling electricity back into the power grid.

In a grid tie system, power generated when the sun shines is used to power your home. Any surplus power generated is sold back to the power companies.

When the sun is not shining, you then buy your power from the power companies in the usual way.

One disadvantage of most grid tie systems is that if there is a power cut, power from your solar array is also switched off.

The benefits of a grid tie solar installation are that they can be used to reduce the reliance on the national utility grid, ensuring that more of your electricity is produced in an environmentally efficient way. It is considered to be an environmentally friendly generator after all.

Grid tie can work especially well in hot, sunny climates where peak demand for electricity often coincides with the sun shining, thanks to the high power demand of air conditioning units.

Grid tie with power backup combines a grid the installation with a bank of batteries.

As with grid tie, the concept is that you use power from your solar array when the sun shines and sell the surplus to the power companies. Unlike a standard grid tie system, however, a battery bank provides contingency for power cuts – so that you can continue to use power from your system.

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