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Friday, March 5, 2010

Using Solar Power to Save on Your Electrical Bills

Mounting electrical bills, tough economic times and recession all add up to one thing - finding an alternate energy source for your home. For decades we have depended on conventional energies like coal and oil. Times are changing and advancements in alternate energies like solar and wind are soon catching up in every home. It is not only easy to build your own solar power system but also much cheaper than yesteryear's.

Solar energy is one of the best renewable energies mainly because of rebates and federal governments that encourage its use. Solar energy as we all know is tapping sunlight with the help of solar panels and converts it in to energy which can then be used to power a home. 'DIY solar water heater' and 'DIY solar panels' are the most common ones used today.

You can totally convert a home in to a solar powered one but this requires many solar panels and also depends on your location and weather conditions in your area. A better option is to use solar and wind energy together.

Electricity you buy from the grid can slowly be wiped out as and when you install solar panels. You can get started with a few panels initially and run limited household appliances with solar power. Then move on to add more panels and soon you should be on your way to a complete solar powered home. If you are producing excess electricity than what is consumed you can always sell it back to the power grid and the best part is they will actually pay you.

Renewable energy systems are always efficient because they need little maintenance after installation. Although the installation may cost a few hundred dollars the long term rewards are much higher.

To get started building solar panels all you need is a good guide, little investment and a quick trip to your local hardware store. Remember you are not only going to save money by cutting down on electrical bills but also help the world be a much greener and cleaner place, thanks to you.

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