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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Building a Magnetic Generator To Generate Cheap Electricity

To master the knowledge on how magnetic power is created, you have to understand the principals of it. Keep in mind there are several sources of information on this subject.

This is a basic explanation of magnetic power theory. Magnets have two poles, a positive and a negative pole. Keep in mind opposite pole attract while like pole repel. There are two main parts to a magnetic power generator, not to mention bearings, a housing and other needed items. One is a field coil (stator) which has stationary alternating magnets in an insulated cylindrical housing. The other is a rotor which has alternating magnets mounted on a cylindrical mobile shaft. When this rotor is spun it will repel from the alternated magnets in the field coil, (stator). This will keep the rotor spinning which will produce enough energy to maintain motion on it's own. Once it is powered on it's own the remaining energy is usable energy. The stronger the magnets, the more power it will create. Harnessing this energy is what you will need to power your home, business or any other uses you may have.

There are plans available to build a magnetic generator for producing free electricity. It is a clean, environmentally safe and cost effective way to generate electricity for home use. This generator also produces very low heat making it safe to mount in the home or garage in a confined area. This is ideal for cabins, lodges or barns and garages where it is difficult to obtain the usual source of power.

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