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Monday, September 28, 2009

How To Build a Solar Panel

The first step of learning how to build a solar panel is to look for a copper sheet. It can be more easily acquired than silicon; besides, like silicon, copper has photoelectric capabilities. Approximately one-half square foot of copper sheet is necessary, but since the hardware sells large sheets, then you can still store the remaining part of the sheet or make more cells.

It aren't difficult to build your own DIY solar panels. You will need a decent stove to create the cells. An electric one with hot plates instead of coils would be perfect but not a must. The copper sheet should be cut to fit the burner. The sheet and your hands should be washed in soap and water to eliminate dirt or other materials. The copper sheet should be brushed with a copper wire or sandpaper. This will ensure that light corrosion is eliminated. After the sheet has dried, this should be placed on top of the stove burner and the heat turned on to the highest capacity that the stove can make.

Watch the copper sheet heat up, but make sure you don't touch it. Orange or red colors will appear as the sheets are heated. Continue heating even when blank flakes can be seen forming on top of the sheet. Then a black layer of cupric oxide is observed and should be allowed to be heated for more than thirty minutes to ensure that the black coating will become thicker and will easily flake off from the original copper sheet. You will know if the sheet is not cooked well because the black coating will just stick to the original sheet. The heat should be turned low then off.

After the heating process, you should allow the burner and the sheet to cool off by themselves. Do not come too near the sheet because some bits of hot copper might come off the sheet and give off sparks of tiny metal dust. After the sheet has cooled, you should lightly brush some of the small bits of copper that are stuck in the sheet. The red layer will be the one used for the solar panels.

You should cut a similar size of copper sheet and bend them together lightly. Arrange them in a plastic bottle but do not allow them to touch each other. Attach one alligator clip lead to the heated copper sheet and one to the unheated sheet. The lead from the heated plate should then be attached to the positive point of a micro-ammeter with 10 to 50 mA capacity; the other lead should be at the negative point.

Make a salt solution and add to the jar without wetting the leads. One inch of the copper sheets should not be soaked in the solution. You can now bring this to where the sun can be seen, and the solar panel ammeter will show activity.

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