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Friday, September 11, 2009

How To Build a Perpetual Motion Machine

Many new ideas have been tested and researched to harness energy from different sources. For instance, wind turbines have been used to harness energy from the wind. Solar power systems are used to generate electricity from the sun. And now, we have across a new source of energy that perhaps only a few people have taken notice: magnetic energy. This source of energy source is used through a magnetic energy generator.

The magnetic power generator runs through the force field created by the magnets' opposing force. This machine is known as the perpetual motion machine. A huge amount of skepticism has been already been accumulated among the people for the past 10 years, the machine has survived and is now generally accepted as a new source of energy. It is not true that the magnet motor energy will run for eternity and will never stop, as the word perpetual implies. This was only said so because the machine can last up to hundreds of years. Some claimed that it has the ability to last up to 400 years.

Currently, this machine is not yet available in a large scale. The machines are just sold to homeowners and small businesses. However, a simple machine can actually work up to 7,000 watts. This is enough to power up the electrical supply of an entire household including appliances that are heavy on electricity wattage. All you need to do now to use the magnet motor energy is to buy your magnet motor energy manual and start building your own machine. This is very cost effective and is very easy to build.

This is how a perpetual motion machine works:

When you connect the north and the south polarity of a magnet the opposite way, they will repulse each other. A third magnet in the middle will create a force field between these magnets. This force field can then be converted to energy and can help you generate electricity.

These are some of the benefits of a perpetual motion machine:

• It can cut your electrical bills in half or even completely eliminate it.
• It is an environmentally friendly machine and does not cause any pollution.
• It works in all weather conditions.
• It doesn't require a large amount of space.
• Low maintenance costs.
• You can build and install it for less than $100.
• It's completely safe even with children near the vicinity. It isn't flammable or combustible.
• You don't have to be a scientist to construct this machine. The process is very easy, especially if you get your hands on some good building plans. The materials are affordable and can be found at your local hardware store.

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