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Monday, July 13, 2009

How To Make Collector Solar

Collector Solar - In total, there are two different types of collector solar: The flat plate and the evacuated tube. While a greater amount of sun falls on the flat plate, the evacuated tube collectors are better insulated. However, as the sun moves in an arc through the sky, the flat plate collector’s effective area reduces, and as the evacuated tube collectors are cylindrical, the area presented toward the sun is identical.

The main thing to bear in mind about collector solars is keeping the heat in and the cold out. This can be accomplished by using glazing on the sun-facing side of the panels and thermal insulation on the surfaces that faces away from the sun. We need to try to eliminate thermal bridges as far as we possibly can.

Aluminum clip fins are one of the easiest ways of assembling a collector solar hastily, as they essentially clip onto a matrix of copper pipe.

Another way of constructing a collector solar is to use an old radiator painted black inside an insulated box. This system contains more water, and as a result has a slower response time. This is because it takes more time to heat up the thermal mass of the radiator.

One of the common problems that collector solars suffer from is freezing in the winter. When the temperature drops too low, the water in the pipes of the collectors expands. This runs the risk of severely damaging the collectors.

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