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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Do It Yourself Solar Panel

Do It Yourself Solar Panel - In the present era of ever rising electrical costs, many are keen to learn how to generate their own source of electricity by installing home solar power systems. However, majority of people hesitated due to the high cost of getting one installed in their homes. There is an alternative. It is to Do-It-Yourself. A Do It Yourself solar panel isn’t difficult to start with, and most importantly, you can execute it at a very low cost. In addition, by building it yourself, you can adjust it according to your own liking in terms of size and design.

At this time, all you need is a high-quality manual to guide you along the way. You may want to explore some highly recommended guides at There are guides on how to build solar panels, how to build wind turbines and how to build solar water heaters. Video is provided in the recommended guide to enhance better understanding. Also, you can explore these guides with reviews and testimonials.

Once you’ve gotten your set of instructions on Do It Yourself solar panel, the next step is to get the materials. The materials are nothing complicated, just simple things you can get at any hardware store.

The materials you need:

• Wire crimping tool
• Wire cutters
• Solder, 60/40 or silver
• Soldering iron, or soldering station
• Drill
• Screwdriver
• Cobalt steel jobbers' twist drill bit, heavy duty, wire gauge size 26, 3" L, 1c" L flute
• Machine screw size high-speed steel hand tap taper, 10-24, H3 pitch diameter, 4 flute
• 7/32 drill bit
• Plastic sheet cutter
• Reamer
• Pliers
• Hacksaw or cutoff saw
• Triple beam scale (optional)

After you get all the necessary materials, it is practically simple to proceed with building your Do it Yourself solar panel. You may want to do it as a cohesion day with your family over the weekend.

It's crucial that the quality of your instructions is good. If you go for a cheaper set of instructions, you might risk damaging your solar cells or other important components. Overall, it won't cost you much, in fact it'll cost you well not more than $50 to get an first-rate guide, which is an ideal investment taking into consideration that facts that you're going to be saving thousands each year.

Many people are enhancing their lifestyles and saving thousands of dollars every year by converting to energy saving systems such as solar panels and wind turbines. It's factual that setting up solar or wind energy for your homes isn’t cheap, however, at present it can be made at a very low cost when you Do-It-Yourself. So, why not get started?

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