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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Learn How To Make Solar Panels

Are you ready to slash their monthly electricity bills? If so, then it's time to learn how to make solar panels.

Not many people have the necessary knowledge to make their own solar panels as these people assume that the only method of having solar panels installed is to confront commercial companies to do it for them. However, do you know that when you Do-it-Yourself, you can save thousands of dollars. Plus, it isn't really a difficult task to make solar panels yourself.

There are many ready-made solar panel kits available out there that simply need to be assembled and installed. These kits tend be rather expensive and can cost almost as much as a professional installation. $30,000 really is too much for most households to pay for a professionally-installed solar panel system.

These necessary materials are not difficult to find:

1. Plywood
2. Electrical wiring
3. Sheets of glass
4.Photovoltaic cells
5. Clear PVC Sheeting
6. Copper Wire
7. General Tools (Drills, screwdrivers, woodwork glue)

Any hardware store should stock most of these items. Photovoltaic cells are the only thing that you might have to search online (or eBay) in order to purchase or else locate a specialty store that stocks them.

You will not regret saving money at times like now to make your own solar panels. You only need a good instructional guide that will take you through the process of building and installing your own solar panels. Most of these guides are written to cater to the average homeowners, so even DIY beginners will have no trouble following the instructions contained within. provides you will highly recommended installation guides on how to build solar panels, home wind turbines and solar water heater.

The initial investment required in order to purchase a guide and the necessary materials for a simple solar panel system is a mere $200. This basic system will provide enough power for several small appliances. The advantage of learning how to make solar panels is that you can choose to make as many solar panels as you like whenever you feel the need or want to. You could even build enough solar panels to provide power for all the electrical appliances and lights in your home and save $1000's each year on your electricity bills. Such a full system might cost you slightly more than a thousand dollars to build and install, but the same system would cost an arm and a leg if installed by a commercial company.

So, why not start learning how to make solar panels today and slash your monthly electrical bills for good?

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