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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Magnetic Power Generator - Energy Saving Investment Plan

A lot of us have often fantasized about being totally energy independent or "Living off the grid" as some might say. And definitely at this very day, having your very own source of power supply to power your entire home can now become a reality.

There are some really good methods to generate electricity and they are through sunlight, wind and magnetic energy.

Magnetic powered generator offers a lot of convenient possibilities and attributes for example:

1) They are easy to build.
2) Affordable and require little investment.
3) Very mobile.
4) Does not depend sun or wind.
5) It cuts your power bills in half.

They are easy to build: For free energy enthusiasts, there is a wealth of information out there on the internet regarding how to build one of these energy producing machines of different sizes. And there are entire online forums dedicated to teaching like-minded people how to easily build their very own magnetic power generator, wind turbines, and also solar panels. Generally the instructions are clear and very well laid out.


Let's face it, cost is always a big factor when deciding to take on projects of any size and it is no different when considering to build your power generator. Since they come in different sizes you will be able to find something that will fit into your price range. If you are unsure whether you have the skills needed to build one and just want to give it a trial run then you can build the smallest version available for testing purposes.


Magnetic generators are very portable compared to solar panels and wind turbines which must remain outside - being exposed to the elements every single day. In harsh conditions they can be exposed to rain, hail storms, snow, and an ever-changing climate all year-long. Magnetic generators can be kept indoors in a garage and sheltered thus prolonging their lifespan. This is not a problem because they are generally very quiet machines.

Does not depend on weather conditions

If there is no wind the turbines won't spin, and if there is no sun the solar panels won't be able to collect and store energy at all. So, both of these methods are completely dependent upon the weather which is at times unpredictable. But a magnetic generator on the other hand have no such drawbacks and can function by simply utilizing the natural magnetic fields they generate.

Saves money on your power bills

This is probably the main reason that most of us even bother with alternative energy - to save money somewhere and to cut costs. When you own one of these devices you can easily cut your electric bill in half and with bigger generators you can eliminate it altogether.

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