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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Benefits of Solar Photovoltaic Systems

The government has started to offer incentives for the use of photovoltaic systems in the UK and it's about time!

We shall look into the various benefits and good points of installing solar photovoltaic systems. The benefits are more than just the obvious, and once looked into properly, are very extensive.


We know that installing photovoltaic systems will save you money on your electricity bills. However, did you know that you will also get paid by the government for installing solar panels? The Feed-in Tariff scheme means that if you get your energy from a renewable energy source, your energy supplier will pay you for every KW you produce. They'll also pay you for every KW of energy you put back into the national grid. Also, electricity prices are going up at astronomical rates every year and this is not set to change any time soon, especially in the messy financial times we're in at the moment. Energy price increases are inevitable at the moment so why not grab some much needed independence and produce your own energy? It'll save you bucket loads in electric and gas bills. Also, having them installed is also shown to increase the value of your home. No proper studies have been carried out yet in the UK, but this has been proven to be the case in the US. What are you waiting for?


Did you know that installing a home solar panel can reduce your annual carbon emissions by over 900kg of Co2? That's just when you install a 1.8kWp system. A bigger solar photovoltaic system will reduce your emissions even more. When they generate electricity, no emissions that are bad for the environment are released. Also, they are made predominantly of silicone which is a natural resource found in sand.


Solar photovoltaic systems have no moving parts so do not need regular maintenance. They will generate electricity for twenty years or more. All you need to do is clean them occasionally and make sure that there is nothing in the way that would block sunlight getting onto them.

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