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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Building a Magnetic Power Generator

This shall be the stepping stone for your quest to build a magnetic power generator. The french creator, Peter Peregrinus, made what is considered to be the initial "magnet motor device" in 1269. You will find people who seem to say this sort of generator will never succeed since it violates the 2nd rules of thermodynamics. Having said that, you can find one guy inside North America who might be getting close to building a magnetic generator operates. You could make a equivalent system on a smaller size.

1. Set a wheel, that is to be the internal wheel, on a titling axis. That wheel by itself must be made up of non-conductive components. The wheel should also rotate.

2. Connect magnets of some type (ceramic bar magnets work nicely) uniformly across the rim of the wheel. Be sure that each one of the magnets faces out for the same polarity.

3. Spot a fixed external ring round the internal ring. Be sure that that ring also is made from some thing non-conductive since you construct a perpetual magnet generator.

4. Line the external, fixed ring of the magnetic power generator, by using magnets that will connect, but not touch.

5. Make spin the internal ring of your magnetic generator you've made. Once the internal wheel gets to the most part of its revolution, the magnets onto the external ring should result in the ring keep on rotating till the up coming magnets group of opposing magnets connect each other again.

6. Allow the internal ring of the magnetic generator rotate until the speed increases and energy is created.

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