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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Learn How To Build a Tesla Fuelless Generator

The Tesla fuelless generator is an energy invention that generates electricity. Tesla discovered this particular cutting edge technology in the 1930's, but today there are several types of home generators that produce energy from alternative energy sources.

Nikola Tesla is perhaps one of the most unrecognized geniuses when you consider his many fundamental achievements. He was a physicist, inventor and electrical engineer of unusual intellectual brilliance.

Tesla was of Serb descent but he worked mostly in the United States and all too often others have taken credit for his work. Even though this was the case he is still renowned as the man who invented the twentieth century.

Just a few of his many contributions to the world that we live in today are the electric motor, AC power generation and distribution, neon and lasers, spark plugs, X-rays and Tesla coils.

Tesla spent the second half of his career working on what he called his "Fuelless Generator". He used to explain it a being a device that uses "the energy that operates the universe". At the time his explanation probably sounded somewhat far-fetched but now a days we are all fairly familiar with the term "zero point energy".

The Tesla generator is a remarkable invention in that, not only is it reasonably inexpensive to build, also only very basic skills are needed in order to construct one. It runs silently, is completely weather proof and can be used in any climate. So unlike solar panels or wind power, it is not dependent upon the weather or climate conditions. This particular generator does not give off any emissions, fumes of any kind, or radiations.

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