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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Magnetic Power Generator - Benefits of a Magnetic Generator

In the recent years, you might have heard a lot of news about green energy, especially about the magnetic power generator. It is a good thing. The buzz, the talk. Mankind has been waiting for answers to some questions that big corporations didn't want to face. At least more green voices are resonating in board meetings than ever before. Sounds cool!

Contrary to popular assumption, magnetic generator is not a new idea. This is not a "latest technological break through". This simple to use technology has been around for ages but the corporate greed kept it away from common people. Last year, Sky News ran a program on this aspect of alternative energy sources. Vested corporate interests want to bill us with ever increasing electricity charges.

What does this mean to you - The truth that it's an old technology, adds a lot of credibility as far as health hazard goes. It's not something like mobile phones which are not confirmed to be using human friendly waves. It's environment friendly and therefore household friendly. A magnetic power generator is very practical for using in our household. Size is small and generates only electricity and no heat.

Magnetic Generator is expensive. Well, not true. It's extremely cheap cost has been the very reason of its suppression by major energy corporations. Apart from magnets, Magnetic power generator is made of a few cheap stuff purchased form local hardware shop. Most probably, half of these stuff you might find gathering dust in your backyard or garage. Once you build your generator, the electricity is free. Every month, free electricity generation.

What does that mean to you - You can afford it even if you are broke. It's that cheap.

It's got to be very difficult to make, at least for people who know nothing about electricity. Well, untrue again! It's very simple for an average Joe to just follow step by step instructions and make it. It's going to be very exciting Do-it-Yourself project for people of all ages anywhere in the world. Thankfully these days, you get very simple and hands-on instructions and how-to videos.

What does that mean to you - Even your grandma could do it. It's that simple.

Typically, you would be saving 30% to 50% on your first electricity bill. Thereafter, it may steadily go higher. Many people have been able to completely discontinue using conventional energy for their household.

So there you have it. I have uncovered three biggest misconceptions about magnetic power generator that may be stopping many willing minds from giving this wonderful gift to their family and community.

Do yourself a favor. You can't read all the information available on the internet. One good option is to start comparing the easy and effective ways to find what suits you the most. Every month I compare and review the easiest and most effective methods to build a magnetic generator.

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Useful information magnetic generator:

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