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Friday, August 14, 2009

Learn How To Build a Magnetic Generator

When electrical expenses become a burden, it makes sense to start converting to alternative source of energy. A magnetic generator is what you may need in your house. It is easy to build and costs no more than a hundred dollars. First of all, the power is generated by magnetic fields and it is small enough to house in a corner of the garage. In addition, it is safe for kids to move around the vicinity of the device.

This magnetic energy generator is both easy to handle and even easier to construct. The system operates on the simple concept of attraction and repulsion between the polarities of magnets. It is this attraction and repulsion which results in perpetual motion, which is then converted into electricity. Just as solar power systems converts sunlight into electricity, so does magnetic generator converts perpetual motion into electricity. Maintenance is minimal and the systems are extremely reliable resulting in very little interruption in service. It is also not dependent on external weather factors such as sunlight of wind in order to produce energy.

The energy is produced through perpetual motion, with the energy required to keep it running being far less than the energy it produces. This means that the device has energy to spare and building multiple devices and stacking them, you could easily generate enough power to eliminate your electrical bills forever.

The total cost of a magnetic power generator that would provide around 50% of our household needs in a home with two adults and one child, is in the region of $100 inclusive of all the components that can be easily obtained from the local hardware store.

For anyone looking for an alternative energy supply and want to take advantage of the latest technology to produce free, clean energy for their homes and families, the magnetic generator is indeed by far the most economically and environmentally viable.

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